Business Consulting


  1. Blue Orbis Logistic, Roll-up strategy target $500M revenue, $40M Phase I equity raise
  2. GalexaUSA, State-of-the-art building systems, $1M equity raise
  3. Clean Bio-Diesel fuel project $4.5B, $90M debt/equity raise
  4. Port development project, design & build
  5. Medical fraud prevention technology company $5M equity raise
  6. Smartgylph: Bar code augmentation software company, $1M equity raise

Sample of Active Clients:

Don developed a strong work ethic early in life working on his family's farm in Eugene, Oregon.  He left home in 1962 to begin his career as an employee and soon to become executive with the Southern Pacific Railroad in San Francisco.  Moving through increased levels of responsibility with the railroad, Don became Assistant Vice President of the St. Louis Southwestern Railroad in 1978.  In 1985, Don served for two years on the planning and transition team tasked to combine the holding companies of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Company's.  Thereafter, he joined the Santa Fe Railroad in Chicago serving as Sr. Vice President until 1993.  From 1994 through 1998 he was the Sr. Vice President for the Illinois Central Railroad in Chicago.  After managing his own consulting firm for several years, Don Joined Raymond James & Associates as a financial advisor.  In 1997, he left Raymond James to form Blue Orbis Capital Advisors.  Extensive finance, marketing and sales experience coupled with international travel offers a mature perspective to problem solving.

 Don earned a Master's degree in Business and Finance from the Washington University, St.Louis, MO in 1986.  He served as President of the National Freight Transportation Association, Chairman of PPU Railroad, board member of MSE Railroad and President of the Traffic Club of St. Louis.  He currently serves as Chairman of Blue Orbis Logistics.  Don enjoys golfing in his spare time and is a member of Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs, Florida.  He currently resides in Bonita Springs, Florida with his wife Bobbie.