Blue Orbis Capital Advisors, LLC provides management consulting services focused on meeting clients financial needs.  We aid a variety of business clients in both the domestic and international markets.  Through an extensive network of business resources developed from years of involvement in managing businesses and dealing with mergers, acquisitions and sale transactions, we strive to provide unprecedented value to current and future clients by offering a personalized approach to each engagement.  In special cases, associates work with clients to not only provide solutions to current challenges, but will work with firms to anticipate changes in their business model that require action now to forestall future problems while taking advantage of new opportunities. In unique circumstances, we are willing to join the clients' management team in a support or leadership role depending on the needs of the company.  Through our well-developed support team, we can also provide either temporary or full time personnel to help firms grow and prosper.

Testimonials from our clients:

Areas of specialization:

Business Consulting


Consulting Services:

  • Transportation & Logistics
  •  Energy
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Real Estate, Commercial and Residential
  • Software and Technology
  • Start-up and turn-around consulting/financing
  • M&A, debt restructure

Our commitment to provide high quality service and excellent advice for your business needs is our driving force.

For two years Don served on my planning and transition team, culminating in the successful consolidation of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific holding companies. Thomas Fitzgerald, Sr. VP, Santa Fe Railroad, Chicago

Completing the due diligence and positioning of Tuscany Reserve for a successful sale to foreign buyers required attention to detail, innovative financial planning and negotiating skills.  Mr. Jan Johnsen, Lombardo Associates, London

Don Skelton's experience brings unique, interdisciplinary insights to the analytical framework necessary to successfully execute mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring.  Mr. Patrick O'Meara, Chairman, Ann Arbor Acquisition Corp., Detroit, MI

My team was greatly aided by Don on the massive Bulgarian transportation privatization project completed by Don Breazeale & Associates. Don Breazeale (206) 855-9492