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SMARTGYLPHwas designed from the ground up as an adaptable, multi-state, bi-directional, reactive, dynamic action code.  It was not designed to do a specific function-it was designed with an open architecture to allow it to perform ANY function. 

Smarter bar codes: Turns the "dumb" barcodes into an intelligent  two-way device to create a secure and unique relationship between your brand and your customers

Smarter login:  negates the need for passwords to access systems, web sites and applications. This is achieved via the creation of a Digital Identity using a SMARTGLYPH Action Code.

Smarter Adherence: By enabling the proactive push of information to patients, SMARTGLYPH technology and apps are literally saving lives through "adherence", ensuring people take the correct medication in the correct manner.

Smarter-Returns: The SMARTER-RETURNS global application has been developed through insight and workshops with numerous retailers, parcel/post carriers and 3 PL's.